Fields of Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law we practice.

Our Specializations

Business Law

Does your small business need legal guidance to ensure compliance with the law or contract review? Our firm has experience with a wide array of legal issues regarding business law and litigation. We can even help you collect outstanding debts. Please contact our office for all your small business legal needs!


Real Estate

If you are going to purchase real property, it is wise to have an attorney review all of the voluminous documents before you sign them to ensure they say what you think they say. It is not hard for someone to insert an extra provision or piece of paper into the loan documents without your knowledge, which will greatly reduce your rights to do what you want with your own property in the future. Please don't close on a real estate transaction without an attorney!

We are experienced in real estate matters such as reviewing real estate contracts and leases. We are ready to litigate landlord/tenant disputes, such as evictions, for either side. We also prepare leases, mortgages, deeds, land installment contracts, standard real estate purchase contracts, transfers of property to trusts, review title reports and settlement statements, etc. Please call us if you would like to reduce your Franklin County real estate taxes.


Divorces and Guardian ad Litem

Divorces can be some of the most emotionally-charged legal cases. We focus much of our practice on divorces and also represent children as their Guardian ad Litem.


Probate/Estate Planning

We can help guide you through the probate process if you need to transfer the assets of a deceased loved one. In addition, we can help you plan ahead to avoid the probate process. We prepare estate planning documents, such as wills, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, living wills, irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts, and living trusts to make sure your assets are protected and your final wishes are followed. We can also prepare the deceased's final tax return and the estate tax return, if necessary.


Personal Injury

We know that personal injuries can be very stressful and emotionally taxing on those who are injured and their families. We represent people who need assistance in recovering money to compensate them for their injuries.



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